Award Auditions

Auditions in Seoul, Korea

Preliminary round: 10:00 AM Wed. May 30th, 2018

Final round: 1:00 PM Thurs. May 31st, 2018

Simsan Arts Hall, Seocho Culture Center

Seoul, S. Korea


From any age up to 25 years old (as of May 30th, 2018) of any nationality and currently under no professional management may apply.


-Certificate and featured solo performance with Seocho Philharmonic

(7:00 PM Sun. June 3rd, 2018, Seocho, Seoul, Korea)

-Up to 3-4 soloists will be chosen.

REPERTOIRE (choose 1 from):
  • Boccherini Concerto in Bb major (movement I or III)
  • Dvorak Rondo
  • Goltermann Caprice no. 24
  • Haydn concerto in C major (movement I or III)
  • Haydn concerto in D mojor (movement I or II-III)
  • Paganini variations on A string on a theme by Rossini
  • Schubert ‘Arpeggione sonata’ in a Minor (movement I or II-III)



No application fee, however, email before May 24th to apply by May 27th.


Preliminary round:

  • Valentin Andert (Germany)
  • Bongshin Ko (USA/Korea)
  • Amparo Lacruz (Spain)
  • Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi (Japan)
  • Yu Mingqing (China)

Final round:

  • Jong Hoon Bae (Korea), conductor/guest jury
  • Clive Greensmith (USA)
  • Bongshin Ko (USA/Korea), co-chair
  • Amparo Lacruz (Spain)
  • Ovidiu Marinescu (USA)
  • Petr Paruse (England/Czech), co-chair
  • Alexander Suleiman (Germany)

subject to change